Monday, October 16, 2017

It Was A Very Metal Wedding

It was a very metal wedding indeed. I am proud to have been involved in my friend's wedding recently. Angela and Yance got hitched and it was cool as fuck. Here's the video:

Yeah I know it was so VH-1, I was expecting Eddie Trump to show up. Yance, the groom, was funny and cheesy in his vows. Angela's poem brought a tear to my eye. In the end I* loved every minute of it. A METAL WEDDING Prepare the sacrifice!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

DEATH YELL - Descent Into Hell review

DEATH YELL - Descent Into Hell

Hells Headbangers Records

Unless you're a connoisseur of extreme metal from South America than the name DEATH YELL will not be so familiar. Although if you're into collecting Finnish black metal than you just might. I'll explain that weird connection in a few but first here's this. Basically DEATH YELL were a short lived band from Chile back in the late 80's whose sound was a mix of thrash metal as well as adding more eclectic doom nuance to their overall fury. To their credit the band released a six song cassette demo in 1989 titled Vengeance from Darkness. To this day that release in it's original form has become a highly collectible item when it comes to South American metal. Maybe more so for the band's sound and style than for just being a collector scum treasure.

The band was unlike their fellow countryman in PENTAGRAM as well as their better known brethren from Brazil. Maybe that's why in 1991 they were on a split 7"er with Finland's BEHERIT. Now since I am a BEHERIT fan and their song on that 7"er was the classic "Werewolf Semen and Blood", of course I checked out DEATH YELL as well. The band split up in 1991 but because I'm a poor metal fan I did pick up a copy of Morbid Rites which is a compilation put out by Nuclear War Now! Productions in 2007 which has DEATH YELL's early songs on it plus some worthless live cuts. 

Which brings us to the present, in 2012 DEATH YELL reunited after all those years (with a new drummer) and in 2013 released a split 7” with ATOMIC AGGRESSOR on Hells Headbangers Records. That garnered them modern day interest with a whole new audience and a few years later (2016 to be exact) they put out a second split with Peru's MORBOSATAN on Doomentia Records. So now we have the band's first official and proper full length. After like thirty years what would you expect?

Well I am proud to say that Descent Into Hell is one of the best extreme releases of 2017. And ya know history be dammed this fucker is incredible and I say that while one of their songs, "Macabre Fuckfeast" is still surging in my head. Instead of just repeating the past the band has gone modern with a furious thrash attack with touches of their black and death metal past influences. I'm talking about hammy bar dive-bombs, blast-beats galore and some actual melody in-between down right brutality. Vocalist Galleta is probably the only style retainer from their past and his venomous hiss style singing is far more formidable than ever. 

Old bands who reunite are like ghosts from the past. When they haunt you its kinda like a remembrance of past greatness which is cool for a short time. Then again they could come out with something totally strange and scare ya to death. DEATH YELL combine their past with the new and of course modern production takes them to a greater level. This blows away bands half their age and makes contemporaries look like pathetic nostalgia acts. For a quarter of the price you paid to see SLAYER this year you could have this.

NEXUL - Paradigm of Chaos review

NEXUL -  Paradigm of Chaos

Hells Headbangers Records

NEXUL hail from Texas, is a side project which features band members of NYOGTHAEBLISZ and HELLVETRON (two past faves of mine), are also members of the Ordo Satanae Imperium collective and with this their full length debut have released blackened death hell on the populace. For reality's sake I won't say it's more devastating then that hurricane which hit Texas weeks ago but for the extreme music public then yeah it's a burner.

Musically the sound on Paradigm of Chaos by this four piece is not far from what these guys do in their primary bands. Basically it's bringing blackened raw produced chaos in the vein of SARCOFAGO, BEHERIT and BLASPHEMY up to somewhat modern standard's pandemonium. After the lackluster and confusing intro, songs burst out with heated hatred like Satan spitting in your face. The cuts on here vary in time signatures from nothing over six minutes to short grind bursts. In fact there's nothing much on here that pitifully bored hipster types would call atmospheric. Then again for me necro drenched hell spawned filth is a good atmosphere. Yeah it's a matter of taste and for me right now that flavor is brimstone.

CRACKHOUSE - Still Alive review

CRACKHOUSE - Still Alive 

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

One the fall outs of the modern metal scene is the encroaching lack of a sense of humor amongst listeners. I blame that on hipsters and weak shit over serious liberal types afraid to laugh less they look offensive to others. Oh sure it's easy to shoot typical fish in the barrel for an easy laugh (ie: politicians and religious types). But for me anything is a target of opportunity because extreme music is suppose to be fun as well as dangerous. 

CRACK HOUSE from Philadelphia (aka: Hostile City USA or Filthadelphia) are pure fuckin scum punk/metal in their approach to their craft and crack is their muse.This is pretty much a fake live album and it's great as well as funny. Yes being insulting is funny and bands from Philly (a place I know well) have always had a knack for it. RANCID VAT comes to mind although these guys (ok, their promo) cite GG ALLIN as well as THE DWARVES, MIDNIGHT and NEKROFILTH as influences. Speaking of Philly bands I just saw old friends THORAZINE last weekend.

But getting back to this, CRACK HOUSE are a four piece act who mix old hardcore with grind and some thrash into what they call Crack Rock n Roll. It's an easy shtick to follow. On here they let loose with eleven cuts some old and a few newer ones all recorded in what they say was "an abandoned building in north Philadelphia". Then the recording was engineered at the studio which added the audience sounds like a classic 70's live album. Years ago when my friend Andy & I started Scumfeast Zine, this is the type of band we use to love promoting. Total fuckin scum, ya gotta love it and it's strictly limited to 100 copies.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

HELLRIPPER - Coagulating Darkness review

HELLRIPPER - Coagulating Darkness

Self Released

HELLRIPPER is a one man blackened thrash act from Aberdeen, Scotland and sound-wise this sounds like a ton of other bands out in the genre but most notably TOXIC HOLOCAUST because of the similarity that's it's a one man band. The one man in question is James McBain who started HELLRIPPER back in 2014. Over his short career prior to this James has released an EP and three splits. Interested parties should check out his Complete and Total Fucking Mayhem compilation which has all of his music from those releases mentioned. I'll probably be one to check that out.

Coagulating Darkness is James' first full length, eight song's worth, and it's a decent blackened thrash release but it's just generic as it's gets. Is it good, sure but it's paint by the numbers and there's so much out there equal to it. Hells Headbangers has a dozen or so bands on their roster right now. Welcome to the big pond James, although I do like this one. Nothing wrong with putting out something tried and definitely true. You do get props on the cover artwork though.

BLACKEST - Dawning Of The Black review

BLACKEST - Dawning Of The Black

Blood and Brutality Records

Well this one has some variety be it the Bach inspired organ interlude on the eleven minute opus "Remembrance" to the instrumental title track that needed opening movie credits running down a screen in a theater near you. Oh yeah and melodic black metal being the main ingredient. Seeing that this act is from Birmingham, Alabama the only thing missing would be a southern accent to the harsh vocals alas there was none. It would've of been cool if there was though.

This is the debut full length by BLACKEST, a two piece act consisting of Arant (performing all instruments) and Seior (vocals). Aside from the outside additions the band are a steady second wave black metal influenced duo. They do mix things up in their song structures enough by giving room for slower moments to gradually break from the fast tempos. "As The Sun Sets" being a perfect example. While musically this is a decent piece, it's the vocals that seem out of place. Seior has a rough sandpaper coated blood vomit type of singing voice. 

By far my favorite cut on here is the previously mentioned eleven minute “Remembrance”. It's an instrumental that starts off with the Gothic organ intro which leads into crushing guitars along with melodic soloing and a basic blastbeating of drums. The song is well crafted since it changes tempos throughout and without revisiting previous passages. There's even some classic death metal riffs. I'm not saying I'd like a whole album of this type of Gothic infused instrumental black metal but it is an amazing track. Obviously Arant is the artist here to take a notice to for future endeavors of brilliance.

CANNABIS CORPSE - Left Hand Pass review


Season of Mist

I'm a fan of this band by the way but not at first. Years ago a friend of mine turned me onto them because they were a side project of MUNICIPAL WASTE's bassist Phil "Landphil" Hall. So at first I didn't care for their pot parody of CANNIBAL CORPSE. But as with many things in music, if you keep listening then you not only get it but end up loving it. So that was me because CANNABIS CORPSE are just cool as fuck and better than their parody icons at least of late and in my not so humble opinion.
So here we have CANNABIS CORPSE's fifth full length and dammit it's good. I'll have you know that I liked their last one, 2014's From Wisdom to Baked. Some people in the metal media did not which is fine but I saw something which they refused to see. Sure the pot parody of Chris Barnes era CANNIBAL CORPSE was still going on and the artwork was not as comical but they were branching away. On this new one you can hear it.

I remember hearing an early post of one of their tracks, "Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In the Bong Water", and I'm like "duh that's NILE". Hell this album just rips your fuckin guts out and then spends time twirling it in the air like a pizza at a Italian restaurant, run by Armenians, and serving it to you on a platter of Chris Barne's fallen out hair as a garnish. This is great death metal that's not technical or progressive. This is thick bludgeoning riffs, balanced drum work and vocals of a beast. The album title threw me off. I almost thought they were gonna go the Swedish DM route. Yeah that would be interesting but hey why fuck up a good thing.