Thursday, September 14, 2017

PIG'S BLOOD - Self Titled review

PIG'S BLOOD - Self Titled

Godz ov War Productions

Well with a name like PIG'S BLOOD you should know what to expect and if not well then just go away. So hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where else?) this fearsome four piece give us a debut full length of pure old school death metal that is American as baseball, apple pie and a twelve inch spiked gauntlet armband. No fake Swedish sound here. PIG'S BLOOD are a product of that fertile Midwest American death metal heritage of old. I just wanna shake their fuckin hands for doing this.

This release is definitely touching on the brutal side of the genre but with plenty of downtuned riffage, deathly doom blastings and added maniacal vocals intertwined with gutteral beast croaks then this is more akin to sickness of Midwest death metal. It's also a fast album clocking in at just over thirty six minutes of utter filth. I say that with total respect especially when you've got people like this creating it all: HorriblePerson on bass and vocals, Infernal Scumbag and Overlord Of The Under Dwellers on guitars plus Drug Pervert Death Hammer on drums. Yeah this is a winner in my book.

PAGANIZER - Land of Weeping Souls review

PAGANIZER - Land of Weeping Souls 

Transcending Obscurity Records

A little history for ya, years ago when this band's Scandinavian Warmachine full length came out I saw some music scribe mistakenly lump them in with all of those newer acts as part of what the media called the New Wave of Old School Swedish Death Metal Revival. That was in 2009 and PAGANIZER had been around for a decade already. I'm sure they felt honored by the press acknowledgement. Actually I doubt it. That's the problem with trends, revivals and flavor of the month picks by the media. They overlook acts that have been around for a while who've doing the same damm thing as well as being damm good at it.

So as PAGANIZER is close to celebrating a twenty year mark next year here is their tenth full length. Don't even ask me how many short form releases they have out, there are plenty plus compilation albums to boot. Mainman Rogga Johansson (guitars/vocals) has kept this band going since 1998. Ya gotta respect that as well as his work in so many other band projects. Land of Weeping Souls is the band's first new full length since 2013's World Lobotomy and also features newer band members Kjetil Lynghaug on guitar and Martin Klasen on bass. Longtime drummer Matthias Fiebig fills out the line-up

This new one is being billed as "their fiercest and tightest yet". I'm guessing the hype comes from the reaction to last years On the Outskirts of Hades four song EP which also came out on Transcending Obscurity Records. Be that as it may when you open up your album with a song that's a Pinhead quote, "Your Suffering Will Be Legendary", then yeah fierce is obvious. On a whole Land of Weeping Souls is a not a total throwback to the past but is more like an older band pulling up their boot straps and acknowledging the new with a verocity that is unmatched. While the first half of this release was decent then "The Insanity Never Stops" rips forth and all doubts are forgotten.

I could go on song through song but no. Rogga Johansson reminds me of VADER's Peter Wiwczarek, a veteran death metaller who gets better with age. On here his riffs and vocals almost sound like he's out to make a statement. The soloing by Kjetil Lynghaug adds a better dimension to the sound, it's old school with short sharp shocks of pain. This release reminds me of one by GRAVE a few years back. Basically another older Swedish death metal act (but my alltime favorite) who after a few lackluster releases put out one that just peeled facial skin off from the naysayers. The same thing works here.

ALL SORROWS BEHELD– Self Titled review


Self Released

A one man black metal act from the states? Wow that's a stretch? Ah yeah I'm being phacicious but the whole one man black metal act thing has become a trend to the point where the music actually sounds great as opposed to years ago. Technology has been the savior to these lonesome devils. Case in point this eponymous debut full length release from a guy named Cinis sounds far better than some actual full lineup black metal bands I've checked out. 

The tagline description for this is atmospheric black metal but for me this is far more extreme. Musically this sounds like the artist is being torn inside out. This is the sound of a soul truly being tortured to the limits of human suffering. The songs, eight in all, are not very long drawn out dirges. Most run around five minutes which is about as much of a musical pain tolerance your average listener can take without boredom setting in. A lot of this is mid tempo tremolo picked riffs with mechanical drum pounding action. What brings on the pain is when Cinis lets loose with his agonizing vocals. 

This release does touch all the bases as far as being standard usbm atmospheric black metal. The harsh distorted guitar sound, especially on doom influenced cuts enhances things further. BUT, I mentioned before it's technology these days that keeps things at an even keel. This release opens with intensity, keeps pushing the limits but starts to flatten out near the end. I thought the long instrumental was a drawback and the final cut irrellevent. Be that as it may ALL SORROWS BEHELD's debut is still something I'd return to any late night when I need my sorrows peeled away in order to expose the delicate layers of pain

DREAM TROLL- The Knight of Rebellion review

DREAM TROLL- The Knight of Rebellion 

Self Released

As I look at the He-Man cartoon inspired album cover I was surprised this release didn't start out with their vocalist shouting "By the Power of Greyskull". Albeit cheesy I wouldn't consider it out of place. Also since this band is English I'd guess they wouldn't notice any sense of humor by it. Be that as it may here is a five piece from Leeds who believe in keeping heavy metal from the 80's alive with their debut full length. Get in line then since there's already an army of genre devotees out there already in the front lines. 

DREAM TROLL's take on heavy metal is part nwobhm, part power metal and part prog. The structure of all of their songs harvest all three elements in a way that's enjoyable. You won't find any extreme riffs but there's plenty of guitar melody to go around as well as intricate soloing. Vocals are clean and at times soar out in that power metal fashion. The rthym section holds things together. The lyrics fall into that fantasy catagory, epic battles, etc. This is like DREAM THEATER lite. It's really not my bag but still it's a high end release for fans.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SCUMFEAST VIDEO Rants and Raves but mostly Rants

It's the return of reviewing band videos. Most blogs/websites like to say "Exclusive Premiere" of some band's video as if they're the only ones who get it sent to them. Bullshit! Usually I just re-post em on my Facebook page to let friends watch em and laugh. But I figured hey why not give em a chance here at SCUMFEAST METAL 666. So shall we begin?

CRYPT ROT - Pit Of Morbidity video

The Skinny:

First off here's a video by Ohio's CRYPT ROT, a band who came out with their debut full length Embryonic Devils this year on Southern Lord. I did a review of that one if ya wanna check that out. Warning it's not pretty.

What we have here is a video of a song from that release. Roll it!

Verdict: Rant

Ya know I could be fair to this if it was some sort of school project or a mockery video for friends to watch as they kick back and party down. But no this is actually supposedly serious which is all the more worse. Frankly this just made me laugh especially at their use of corpse paint. NEXT!!!

SUNKEN - Sunken video

The Skinny:

From Denmark we get a video titled "Sunken" by the band named SUNKEN. Thankfully they named their full length Departure. Musically this is basically atmospheric black metal, thirteen minutes worth. The full length came out this year on Triton's Orbit if you're interested. So lets not waste any more time.

Verdict: Rant

I started getting Tourettes once the industrial style blastbeats kicked in and the forest footage flew by faster than a cheetah late for supper. I probably need to hear their whole album. Yeah the music is good but flooding all of that imagery to your visual senses is overkill. Nuff Said.

EPI-DEMIC  - Ruthless Ambition Video

The Skinny: 

EPI-DEMIC are a cool hardcore three piece from Canada who lean more on the metallish side of the genre giving their sound a mid to late 80's old school feel. If you wanna know more than here's my review of their full length  Malformed Conscience.

Here we have a video from a song off of that release which came out on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. So lets take a look at a band I've already given a cool review to.

Verdict: Rant

OK guys yeah I love the music but hey filming a video in what looks like an apartment ain't cutting it for me. Sure there's a couple of animation add ons at the beginning and ending but hey it would've been better if you filmed it at a real venue with actual audience members thrashing to and throw. That would've been cool to watch.

ROTTEN SOUND - Trashmonger Video

The Skinny:

Finland's ROTTEN SOUND really don't need an introduction but hey sometimes ya have to. Since the mid-90's they've been one of the best grindcore bands in the world. I don't believe I'm speaking hyperbole either. I was lucky enough to see em once about a decade ago, wow time fuckin flys. This song here is from their 2016 full length Abuse to Suffer which came out Season of Mist. The label just put this video out now so go figure. 


It's grindcore and it's a live performance shot. They go together and I think anything otherwise would not do the band justice. Now if you like this then you really need to check out their Murderlive DVD which is a compilation of live show footage and extras from 2002 and 2003. 

And finally, I was going to do a review of a video by this certain artist who hipsters defend but die hard fans of black metal don't. I won't be writing a single word about this artist simply because it's controversy which keeps this artist's name alive and this artist is thriving on victimhood. This artist would not have a career in metal if not for creating a self made controversy in order to get their name out there and have people talking. I still take shots at hipsters but if I talk about this artist then I'm simply feeding them. So I say Fuck that artist. Now if you wanna see a real woman in black metal then here's a classic.


Friday, September 8, 2017

EORONT - Another Realm review

EORONT - Another Realm

Code666 Records

Hey I love my atmospheric black metal just as much as any other self righteous, over-bearing elitist but I do draw the line at overly long intros to releases. The opening song on here, "The Rain" takes three and half minutes of ambient keyboards to the hilt before the first crash of a cymbal or a guitar string strummed. So if that's the only thing I can say bad about this release then hey that's just a peeve.

Another Realm is the second full length by this Russian band. From what I gather EORONT use to be a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Foltath Eternum. Then in 2014 he added permanent band mates on bass, drums and keyboards while he concentrated on guitar, vocals and writing sinister sounding black metal which is cool as all hell late at night. I tried to listen to this early in the day at first and it just didn't click. EORONT first started out in 2012 and like I mentioned earlier as a solo project by Foltath Eternum. I never heard the debut release or the EP, both from 2013. But I will say this is good.

EORONT, like so many other cool bands of the blackened Eastern Europe to Russia acts, toss in so much non trendy non black metal influences in that you wouldn't know it anymore because it sounds so fluid and natural. The use of keyboards on here sounds just as important as the tremolo picked riffs and bass that you can actually hear and acknowledge as important. The first two cuts were not that impressive but when "Genesis" hit then the whole pattern of listening changed. Now this is prog injected into black metal that actually sounds right. 

Another Realm is seven cuts all together and all long but hey it's atmospheric black metal. I'll say half the time it's exciting as if I've just snorted my coffee grinds and I do like Folgers Morning Brew. Other times I wished I had a cigarette lit (Please Note I don't smoke in my new place) so I could burn myself when the progressive passages take me on a dream state. Be that as it may I will say that EORONT have introduced a better job at inducing prog (keyboards and song structure as major players) into the black metal cannon than any other band before. So many times it's been used as a prop but not on here. I mean on the closer "The Order of Light" there's a hint of over indulgence but that's what it's all about. I just want to listen to this every other night because I grew up in the 70s and I love black metal. Nuff Said.

DODSENGEL - Interequinox review

DODSENGEL - Interequinox

Debemur Morti Productions

On the blog here it says (well it use to say it) that 99.9% of music listeners hate extreme metal. I'll go a bit further in saying that 99.9% of black metal fans don't even know who DODSENGEL are. I mean you won't see them on magazine covers. They don't write columns for hipster websites. They won't be playing their 2012 two hour plus opus Imperator live in order to sell some merch. You can't tell them how much you love em on Facebook because they have no Facebook page. Hell if you belong to some black metal group on Facebook or elsewhere and asked one hundred people if they owned all of their previous releases you would get one hundred yes's but ninety percent of em would be lying. 

What I'm trying to convey (and it's not elitism) is that DODSENGEL are one of the best bands to come out of Norway's black metal scene in the past decade but not many people seem to acknowledge that. They do what black metal acts are suppose to do, put out good music and that's about it. Although I did have a hard time with their last one. Two hour long dinks, come on. Well be that as it may here is this duo's fourth full length which still sticks with what this band has always done. DODSENGEL takes the Norwegian black metal template and evolves within it. So many other acts try adding outside influences into their blackened sound to the point of trendiness. DODSENGEL just keep you guessing whether it's their twisted vocals, the unsettling melodies which either creep you out or blow you away which just keeps you transfixed. Another great release by them.