Wednesday, August 20, 2008

AGENDA OF SWINE - Waves of Human Suffering CD Review

AGENDA OF SWINE - Waves of Human Suffering CD
Relapse Records

You've gotta love Pop Culture, well actually no you don't. But it's these Pop Culture Losers who like to subscribe to these worn out cliche terms like "The Second Coming" or "What Was Old is Now New Again" and of course the use of the word "Revival". Extreme music is not without the use of these same cliche terms when describing a genre that's suddenly back in "fashion". Take Grindcore for example, please? Sure NAPALM DEATH redefined the term "Extreme" back in the fuckin 1980s and I was there to witness it. But to some people it supposedly died in the 90s which is total bullshit. It simply went underground like almost all music genres that burn out the mainstream's appeal do. Sooner or later it rises like a phoenix from the ashes and takes out it's revenge. And as for the Grindcore music genre, bands like PIG DESTROYER, ANTIGAMA, and INSECT WARFARE, to name a few, have not only crawled out from the Underground's chokehold but have injected new life into a genre that surely needed it.

Now with all of that said, AGENDA OF SWINE are part of this latest Grindcore injection to the masses who eat it up like it was a free all you can eat buffet. Luckily for you, the members of this band are not upstarts just trying to ride some coattails into genre glory. Lead vocalist and main man, Pete Pontikoff, has paid his extreme music dues with San Francisco's BENUMB. Plus he's aided by some Powerviolence vets from the band VULGAR PIGEONS. Look em up on the fucking Internet if you're curious. Now for all of you who wanna hear "Phantom Limb Volume 2", sorry but it's not fucking here. But what you will get is some decent sounding mixture of Death Grind meets older Hardcore 80s fury. In other words it's the basics with a few twists that'll make the basement Hardcore scene tear down their homes during one of AGENDA OF SWINE's shows.

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