Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ELUVEITIE - Slania CD Review

Nuclear Blast Records

One of my favorite moments of this years Pagan Fest was seeing ELUVEITIE, all eight band members, crammed on stage performing at Volume 11 Tavern here in Raleigh, NC. Hey the place has a good size stage for an average sized band, but eight? Unfortunately I only caught the last half of their set since my friend and I were still waiting in line to get in when they started. Thankfully this CD fills those gaps of what we missed. And as far as Battle Metal or Pagan Folk Metal goes, ELUVETIE are not average. But if you're someone who just can't stand traditional folk inspired interludes with your Metal. I suggest you toss your SABBATH records in the trash. Oh yeah remember those folkish interludes? OK now that we've defined your hypocrisy in musical taste we can move on.

For me the little folk elements that this Swiss band does throw into their sound only adds to what is simply Gothenburg inspired Melodic Death Metal. We're talking heavy like a battle axe crushing an enemy's skull. Guttural vocals blend into the ripping guitars along with various medieval instruments. Call it beauty and the beast. ELUVEITIE are at their best on songs like "Bloodstained Ground" and "Tarvos". Obviously these cuts could never be played near the Alps for fear of avalanche.


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