Friday, August 29, 2008

KATAKLYSM - Prevail CD Review

Nuclear Blast Records

Listening to this latest release by KATAKLYSM is the equivalent to attending a three day Death Fest. These Canadians have consistently put out over the top extremist Death Metal for years. Relying on the raw carnal power template of the genre and not the pretentious deathcore bullshit that seems to have crapped into the music scene. From the opening title track "Prevail" to the end cut "The Last Effort (Renaissance II) an instrumental piece, you'll be left wondering what the fuck just happened to me these past forty minutes and why are my hands bloody?

This CD opens with so much punishing fury you'd think some hell spawned behemoth climbed out of the abyss and kicked you in the balls so hard that you're spitting blood. We're talking shock and awe minor key Death Metal, guttural vocals and blast beatings that will have your neighbor's hardwood floors peeling up and flaming on. I can envision that happening to my neighbor upstairs as the cut "The Chains of Power" reigns out from my stereo speakers. So much for that good neighbor policy when I continually turn the volume up when songs like "As Death Lingers" or "The Vultures Are Watching" crank out. Maybe I can shake the foundation enough that the furniture
will rearrange itself. She'll think it's a poltergeist but no it's only the song "Blood in Heaven". She'll come home while "Breath to Dominate" rumbles from beneath her floor and think the house is being overrun by demons. But no it'll just be me enjoying what I call "easy listening".

Pardon my self indulgence but when it comes to Death Metal I wanna hear the true stuff from the past. And this CD hearkens back to that age of despair. I have no patience with the kiddie technical ecstasy stuff of today. KATAKLYSM remind listeners that if you want to hear some Death Metal that's akin to the soundtrack of World War Two. Put the babies to bed preferably a mile or two away and let the veterans show you how it's done right. Recommended for people who know true Death Metal when they hear it.

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