Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ABYSMAL DAWN - Programmed To Consume CD Review

ABYSMAL DAWN - Programmed To Consume CD
Relapse Records

There's a revival going on and while the jaded Metal media music critics are staring down their young noses on Thrash. Old School Death Metal being done by younger people is starting to take over the whole fuckin realm. Here is a band that's playing the old school Death Metal style to it's modern lengths plus adding some Black Metal touches and Thrash to the mix. And it has older fucks like me, and hopefully you, excited. Actually it's to the point that we're over the top nuts then most of the crowds that are waiting for the next Tech Death mass media push. For as much as there's an audience for continuous progression into brutality. There's always gonna be one for what's being produced here.

This Los Angeles, Calif. four piece, on their second full length release, gives us one of this year's better releases by far. The musicianship on this will take the listener back to a time which alot of people see as lost. ABYSMAL DAWN are not some retro act if that's what you think I'm getting at. If that were the case then why bother with this when you could just as easily put something else on. No here we have a band who know the roots of their sound very well and have added some modern touches to come off more original. It's vocalist/guitarist Charles Elliot, who I give the credit to. Vocal wise this guy mixes Death Metal growls on some songs then hits us with some Black Metal screaming/shrieks but then adds a little dose of whispered dramatic evilness. As far as his songs and playing ability go, well the music speaks for it self.

I am saying that this CD is like a tour through 1993. Songs like "Walk The Path of Fire" and "Cease to Comprehend" are worthy of jumping out of your chair, slam into the wall and saying to yourself, "What the fuck just happened?" And if you don't then you are a loser! We're talking about nine fuckin songs that blast forth under forty minutes. "Compulsory Resurrection" just shreds all over alot of today's "faster than now" bullshit. Play my fuckin town! I wanna hear "Grotesque Modern Art" live you sons of bitches. And if you will, please leave "The Descent" obviously near the end of your set since it's crushing riffs are worthy of a show ending pummeling. Yeah, this is what Death Metal was all about, CRUSH KILL and DESTROY!

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