Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Paragon Records

Here we have one pissed off Hungarian Black Metal dude. AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS is Arkhorrl who handles vocals and all instruments except drums. He's definitely not a fan of irony when it comes to the movie Spinal Tap. Then again neither am I. But when it comes to one man Black Metal releases I'm expecting alot of BURZUM worship, alot of ambient psych metal damage, and alot of, these days at least, boredom. Fortunately none of it is part of this release, which the title in English is "Visions". What all I hear is some solid sounding Black Metal that has me pumping my horned fist into the air while I type this damned review. I like how Arkhorrl adds some acoustic guitar into areas where you would not expect it. Occasionally you need some Folk elements woven into a pattern of darkness in order to keep the listener on their heels of anticipation. Another thing here which sets this apart from alot of one man Black Metal releases is the sound quality. This Hungarian has set his standards higher in that this release sounds above your average one angry dude release. The idea that shitty sound quality is the "troo" way to go has been thrown away. Whether purists will go nuts for this is any one's guess. As for me I'll take whatever this mad Hungarian is doing.

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