Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BEFORE THE RAIN - One Day Less CD Review

Major Label Industries Records

When it comes to most modern Doom Metal bands, grave robbing is not a crime. In fact it's looked on as a excepted career path. Just take a month or two of over dosing on past releases by PARADISE LOST, MY DYING BRIDE and ANATHEMA. Then pick out the parts you like and can copy easily. Practice your asses off, maybe play a few gigs to the home town crowds. Once that's finished it's time to head into the studio to record your debut. Now I'm not saying it's the case here with this Portuguese band's release. But I will say that they chose to stick with the Doom Revival sound instead of producing something atmospheric that will bend minds. BEFORE THE RAIN dives head first into the bottomless pit of past Doom greats which I've already mentioned. They provide a wall of sound that suffocates the listener until a guitar interlude pops in conveniently placed of course. This is the kind of release for suicide junkies. People who just wanna die and should but some how they come up for air. This rhapsody only lasts for a short time then they're back on the misery train.

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