Saturday, September 27, 2008

OPHIOLATRY - Transmutation CD Review

OPHIOLATRY - Transmutation CD
Regain Records

If I were to rate this on a scale of one to ten. I'd give it a twenty-five for it's sheer brutality of speed. This Brazilian Death Grind trio gives us relentless noise with the exception of the final cut, a classical guitar ditty. Yeah like that's supposed to lesson the pain from the migraine the rest of this has given me. I hope your rain forest burns to the fuckin ground!

OPHIOLATRY are so fuckin fast that they can't even come up with words to their songs. Which explains why there's plenty of instrumentals scattered throughout this dink or should I call it a maelstrom. This is the musical equivalent of violent torture to your ear drums and senses. Songs blur into one another to the point where you just wish they kill you and end it all. If you're insane and the concept of actual music is beyond your grasp then "Transmutation" should be playing constantly in your padded cell.

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