Monday, September 15, 2008

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT - Descendants of Depravity CD Review

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT - Descendants of Depravity CD
Neurotic Records

When it comes to Death Metal sometimes brutality is not enough. Now I know that such a statement will most likely ruffle a few feathers or worse it'll spark reprisals. So I wanna worn you now don't do nothing stupid because I'm armed. And the first sullen faced fuck I see lurking outside my house. I'm gonna let you have it with both barrels right in the gut. And don't try to bullshit me by saying you're here to read the gas meter. No one does that with a meat cleaver. OK back what I was saying, yeah brutality is great but decent bands within this genre have found longevity by adding more to the mix than just pummeling the listener. I know some people like to believe that great Death Metal is innovated and more extreme than what has been done before hand. But for me there's a fine line between brutality and listenability. It's one thing to be pounded down into mush. But it's better to be pounded in order to give you strength and rising up to bash back even harder. The great bands like SUFFOCATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE have been doing this for years. Tearing listeners down to pulp sized chunks and then building them back up. This is what modern day Death Metal should be about. And that's what PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT does on this nine song CD. There's alot on Descendants of Depravity which will satisfy all of you brutality perverts. But there's much more than just blastbeats and growling. This Dutch band tosses in lot's of melody plus intense riffing and solos that'll send volts down your spine. The Dutch have a history when it comes to creating a brutal hostile environment while at the same time inviting in the listener to take part in the carnage. Although this is not for jaded video gamers hellbent on being mouth-fucked by their heroes.

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