Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TERROR - The Damned, the Shamed CD Review

TERROR - The Damned, the Shamed CD
Century Media

After listening to this their fourth full length. I can see that there's quite a few things scary about TERROR. The first and foremost is that they believe themselves to be Hardcore. Pardon me but when I think of old school Hardcore I'm thinking of bands like POISON IDEA, BATTALION OF SAINTS, BLACK FLAG, etc. As far as new bands there's the DESPISED, DOUBLE NEGATIVE and MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF. What this reminds me of is all those shaved headed thug bands from Victory and Revelation Records in the late 80s and early 90s. They all had this generic sound which came with a wanna be tough guy attitude. Some of those bands were into straightedge too. Who in their right mind would think to call this hardcore? Oh yeah, really ignorant people who were not around during Hardcore's heyday from 1980 to 1987. After that things got boring which is why this CD by these Los Angeles bunch reminds me when Hardcore took a nose dive into the crapper.Actually, like Punk, it branched out into sub-genres. Some bands just called it quits. While others saw the future and dived into the Metal mainstream. Still other bands continued on either by staying true to their cause or expanding on it. So for anyone to call this old style Hardcore simply means that whenever they got into the genre they failed to investigate all of it. Instead they just took what they saw at face value. Obviously the good stuff is going to be hard to find and deep into the pile and not up at the top. Always remember shit floats.

The second scary part of this dink is that it sounds forced as if time requirements ruined any chance at creativity. The opener "Voice of the Damned" is so predictable in it's tough guy "core" style. All the songs follow the same pattern afterwards, with a few exceptions like on "Betrayer". They actually switch speeds for a whole twenty seconds and get melodic. They do the same thing on "March to Redemption". But for the most part this is as exciting as watching paint dry. Thirteen songs all dealing with themes like betrayal, suffering, pain, and getting screwed over. All emotionally and pathetically screamed by Scott Vogel. I know how the guy feels too since all this phony mosh pit music leaves me feeling betrayed. It's like I'm getting screwed over by listening to this bullshit. Actually "Voice of the Damned" is a halfway decent cut and belongs on the A-side of a 7"er. Yeah this band should just be putting out singles with two or four songs on them.

Finally the third scary part of this is that there are people out in the world who will eat this up. You've see them at some Metal shows wearing those over sized hoodies, over sized sport team shirts, shorts, baseball caps, etc. I think they're called juggaloes. But don't mistake them for thrashers. Yeah all of this music is geared towards pissed off youthful misanthropes who need to get laid but can't. (I'm betting that almost all of their Myspace friends are guys.) Songs like "Crush What's Weak" and "Still Believe" carry that attitude to the hilt. Hey I have nothing against violent themed music, just look at all the Extreme stuff I like. But this is almost a silly joke to be honest with you. Oh you poor sad fucks. You're in pain. You feel betrayed. Stop your whining pussy! Why don't you grow a pair of balls and stop crying like a little baby. And if you don't stop it then I will give you something to cry about, losers.

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