Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TIAMET - Amanethes CD Review

TIAMET - Amanethes CD
Nuclear Blast Records

Uber Goth and gloom is what TIAMET are all about nowadays. When their rhythm section is brutally pummeling and the synth sounds hit you like ice then they are a decent listen. But that's too far and too few many times for me. The bad stuff just over powers throughout. The opening cut, "The Temple of the Crescent Moon" is a drone with vocals that sound like mine in the morning if I smoked a carton of Marlboros. By the way, I don't. "Until the Hellhounds Sleep Again" sounds like something PARADISE LOST threw away. "Lucienne" is just so damm slow and we're not talking Doom here. There's just no fuckin excitement coming from TIAMENT overall. Songs like "Equinox of the Gods" and "Misantropolis" show some spark amongst the sleep inducing other cuts. I had to keep poking myself with a lit cigarette to stay awake.


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