Tuesday, September 2, 2008

UNLEASHED - Hammer Battalion CD Review

UNLEASHED - Hammer Battalion CD
SPV Records

Here we have the latest from the Viking Warriors of Swedish Death Metal. And after all these years they still sound like a barbaric horde rampaging across the planet. Just look at the fucking title? Anyways this is what the Death Metal genre is all about, pummeling. If the opening cut "The Greatest of All Lies" does not knock you into the next room then your volume control is turned down too low. Turn it up because this band was one of a handful long ago to forge what we know today as Scandinavian Death Metal. And they are as important and powerful today as they were some twenty years ago. Don't even think that this is going to be some mediocre release by another bunch of oldsters trying to cash in on the genre's new found popularity. This is better than what alot of the new school bands are doing these days. Especially ones that try too hard to be intricate and meticulous, aka: Tech Death.

UNLEASHED stick to their brand of antisocial noise, diving head first into the Death Metal meat grinder. Yes the energy on this dink is incredible that even when the band does slow down to plod through a cut like "Carved in Stone". They still push the wattage meter up. Don't be put off by the excellent production either. And bassist/vocalist Johnny Hedlund can still pull off a guttural growl. I'd say that this will be on alot of people's end of the year best of 2008 lists.


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