Monday, September 15, 2008

WARBRINGER - War Without End CD Review

WARBRINGER - War Without End CD
Century Media Records

I first learned about this band after hearing their two scorching tracks on the Speed Kills Again Thrash Compilation from Heavy Artillery Records last year. I was immediately hooked and looked forward to the day when a full length was out. Well here it is and I've been blasting it for well over a month without even thinking about a review. It's just one of those releases that's hard to write about since it's so great, you don't know where to start. This is the CD which should be played for all of those detractors of the so-called "Thrash Revival". It's violent energetic Thrash Metal for people who still like to throw down to SLAYER or EXODUS. Also it's not a throwback to the past as some whiny post-metal losers in the Metal media would have you believe. Actually this is homage that stands up on it's own to the forebearers of the genre. I just can't see bands of the past looking down their noses and saying "Ah yeah we did all that before dude so stop". Instead I see em giving the horned fist in tribute as a passing of the proverbial torch. Think about this all of you anti-Thrash fucks. This was recorded, mixed and mastered by producer Bill Metoyer who has also worked with past legends like SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, DRI, COC,etc. Not only does that guy know the difference between pure aggression and rehash. I doubt that the guy would bother with something that's supposed to be a simple flash in the pan, short lived revival. WARBRINGER are just one of a handful of new California Thrash bands that are on the attack with a sound that's fresh and definitely needed now.

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