Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ARCKANUM - Antikosmos CD Review

ARCKANUM - Antikosmos CD
Moribund Records/Debemur Morti Productions

Shamaataes, the mastermind behind ARCKANUM, is somewhat of a one man cult Black Metal hero. It seems when you wait a long time to record a followup to your previous release that status is applied. For Shamaataes it's been ten years to release new material and this one is only his fourth full length over a long career. Antikosmos (Anti-Cosmos) is definitely worth the wait.

Musically it's a blend of Blackened Thrash, Death and Doom which is like getting all of your hate in one dink. And frankly isn't that all we really want out of life? There's eight songs in all (although one cut is actually a spoken word recital) with a running time of thirty seven minutes for the whole CD. The music is powerful to the point of which it invokes angst ridden hatred from the listener. And yet Shamaataes still drops in some simplistic melodies which make this not boring. Also there's some in between song samples of bird cries, chants and wolf howls so yes it's an exciting listen. Plus he has an old school sounding cold, harsh vocal delivery. Yes actual vocals, not just shrieks, growls and barks, all sung in native Swedish tongue. The lyrics are written in a ancient runic language which also adds to the release's sinister mood.

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