Saturday, October 25, 2008

AURA NOIR - Hades Rise CD review

AURA NOIR - Hades Rise CD
Peaceville Records

I have to give these guys credit for their "never say die" attitude. Even after Aggressor's accident and Apollyon joining IMMORTAL, they've gotten back together. And they're still kicking out old school Blackened Thrash like when they started back in 1993. But if you're expecting another Deep Tracks of Hell or Black Thrash Attack then you'll be slightly disappointed. Those were great releases back in the 90s. This is great for 2008 and it's a decent follow-up to their 2004 release, The Merciless. When it comes to AURA NOIR, Thrash is their business and business is still good and ugly. This time around Blasphemer only contributes guitar leads to three songs, "Unleash the Demon", "Death Mask" and "Iron Night/Torment Storm". Also Danny Corralles (AUTOPSY/ABSCESS) adds a guest lead on "Gaping Grave Awaits". And by the way all of those songs are good. AURA NOIR have stuck with the formula that fans want. The one big difference you'll notice is in the drum style, because of Aggressor's accident Apollyon has taken over all drumming. Not that Apollyon is bad it's just that Aggressor was much more aggressive behind the kit. But otherwise this is a decent release for fans who might've left the fold. Like I said earlier, it's the attitude.

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