Monday, October 20, 2008

BEHEXEN - My Soul For His Glory CD review

BEHEXEN - My Soul For His Glory CD
Moribund Records

Widely accepted by those who bow down to the alter of evil as one of the best Black Metal bands Finland has to offer. (Although I'm sure AZAGHAL might have a different opinion.) You could forgive them for taking a few years to release a follow-up to their previous opus of blasphemy, By The Blessing of Satan. So on here the band continues the tradition of laying down an almost impenetrable wall of fucking noise. Except BEHEXEN have expanded their sound to include more than just relentless blast beats and tremolo riffs a plenty. Even Torag's vocal style has changed a little. Instead of the tried and true shrieking like a banshee throughout there's some death like growls coming out. Personally I'd rather have the shrieks since they add to the chilling delivery that was why their past releases were so terrifying to the unsuspecting listener. Also the guitars are not buried over by the bass. In fact the guitar sound on here is definitely different then before. The rhythm and leads are clean, precise and at times, having an atmospheric quality.

The opener, "Let the Horror and Chaos Come" will be a shock to old fans but I like it. Kinda reminds me a little of what you'd hear on the opening of a DODSFERD release. The song rocks instead of repels. From that point on the songs move from fast blasts to slow mood inspired despair. The song 6.6.6. will really throw purists for a fuckin loop. Good since people get too complacent with their favorite genres. I'm guessing that BEHEXEN are taking a cue from DARKTHRONE on this release. In other words create what makes you (the band) happy and fuck everyone else. Like the choir-like vocals that jump on into the title cut and on the song "Born in the Serpent of the Abyss". Then there's "And All Believers Shall Be Damned" which is my favorite cut on here. It's a perfect example of why a band should at least challenge their fan base a little. It's one thing to sit in your (choose one: Basement, Attic or Bedroom) alone with a grim look on your face listening to your favorite BEHEXEN CD from the past. It's another to be pumping your fucking fist in a club watching BEHEXEN playing some of these songs on stage. Which will probably happen sometime soon since HORNA are on tour here in the states too.

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