Friday, October 10, 2008

CELESTIAL BLOODSHED - Cursed Scarred and Forever Possessed CD review

CELESTIAL BLOODSHED - Cursed Scarred and Forever Possessed CD
Moribund Records/Debemur Morti Productions

Some people think it's easy to write about a release you really enjoy. That's a load
of shit! It's the stuff you absolutely despise which is easy to write about. For the
good stuff you need to be in that right frame of mind. For me it's always late at
night when other sane people are sound asleep. That's when I blast the good stuff and the words come pouring out like blood from a wound. Take this for instance, the debut full length from this Norwegian three piece Black Metal band. It's perfect for late night listening since it has that 1990's raw and atmospheric style going on like past Norwegian Black Metal greats. I know some people (losers) will balk at that saying there's nothing new going on here. Well fuck you losers! The most fucked up people in Metal just can't understand that fans of Black Metal actually wanna hear bands like CELESTIAL BLOODSHED.

At least I'm definitely one who does because there are those times when I too hate
everything and everyone. So I find solace within the tormented vocals which on here are more in a Death Metal style than the usual rasps. You need to scream over the guitars which come out blasting frenetic riffs. When things do slow down a bit the vocals are like whispers calling out to you. It makes the whole thing more menacing to say the least. The production is the way it should sound like, cold and grim. The seven tracks on here reveal the beauty of nihilism which to me is always refreshing. I'm kinda tired of bands trying to push themselves away from the Black Metal genre in order to "expand the boundaries". When Black Metal wannabe bands start doing "ballads" or doing "unplugged" videos, I'll be blasting this and preparing my weapons for battle. Hopefully this won't be this band's only release. I look forward to their follow-up.

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