Friday, October 10, 2008

EXECRATION - Syndicate of Lethargy CD Review

EXECRATION - Syndicate of Lethargy CD
Vendlus Records

Here's just another great new Death Metal band who've gone back to the genre's roots to dig up what some modern bullshitters have tried to keep buried. EXECRATION play Death Metal, not Tech Death, not over the top brutality for the sake of being brutal and it's definitely not fuckin melodic either. EXECRATION have a powerful heavy as fuck sound that's sinister when they're ripping and frightening when they move into Doomish tempos. Take for example the song "Swarming Locusts" which is a second short of being an eight minute lumbering beast. You could just imagine yourself unable to move while this "thing" slowly comes towards you, closer and closer. You are going to fuckin die but the suspense is what will actually do the most damage to your psyche. You want some Epic sounding Death Metal that's the equivalent of eleven minutes of terror? Then repeated listenings of the cut "Clinging to Existence" is just for you. Consider it your penance for listening to bands who blast noise for the sake of noise.

These days whenever I hear a band play Death Metal inspired from Floridian and NY bands from the past I'm in my happy place. I'm in a field surrounded by huge bunnies with big fangs and I order them to chase down all those polo shirt wearing fucks who say they're into Death Metal. I think the song, "Voracious", would be perfect background music for that hunt. Although all the cuts on here are worthy. The title cut is a non-stop bludgeoning being performed perfectly by this Norwegian bunch. This might be the release that Death Metal fans should go out on a search for. I just got fuckin lucky.

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