Saturday, October 18, 2008

HATE - Morphosis CD Review

HATE - Morphosis CD
Listenable Records

Since they're a Polish Death Metal band alot of losers are going to compare them to fellow countrymen, VADER and BEHEMOTH. Or at least use those two bands as the yardstick to measure HATE by. I think HATE does a great job standing up on their own cloven feet. On a whole I like it alot since they are not another blast beat crazed Tech Death clone. There's almost a melodic Black Metal feel to their sound especially on "Immum Coeli". Now with that said this CD is a winner in my book of evil already. But I'm always looking and listening at this genre through the eyes and ears of a black hooded torture chamber attendant. For example does it induce brutal pain upon those who will not confess their sins against Death Metal? Yes it does like on the song "Catharsis" with it's fast and furious blasting, melodic leads, plus those guttural vocals. Next up, will the pain slowly rise to the point where it's not slow torture anymore but instead a brutalized maiming? "Erased" is my pick for something like that. And finally can it scare off Death core children dressed in their obligatory backwards baseball caps? Once again the answer is yes. After the CD's spooky title cut intro the band dives into "Threnody" a song that would create panic into any bunch of unwashed minions. I can definitely say I like HATE.

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