Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MARBLEBOG - Forestheart CD Review

MARBLEBOG - Forestheart CD
Autopsy Kitchen Records

This originally came out as a cassette release and as a limited CD back in 2005. Thanks to the folks at this label, it's been reissued on vinyl and limited CD. MARBLBOG is another one man Black Metal outfit. The man behind the music is Vorgrov from Hungary and he brings something to this genre that's not typical. Yes you've got dark ambient keyboard passages, raw Black Metal treble infused guitar strumming. But instead of paying homage to Satanic themes, Forestheart is focused on nature. There's six songs in all starting with "Opening" with it's eerie swirling keyboards (almost like early 70s Space Rock) which gets you into the right mood. When I first
listened to this my thoughts turned to the times when I'd walk through the woods alone. There were times when the thick over head tree canopy would block out much of the sunlight. This would create shadows and dark spots that turned things a little creepy. Speaking of which "Opening" contains this blood curdling screams that are inhuman. They're almost like an animal shrieking in pain and sorrow.

"I Am The Forest" follows and is the most powerful cut on here. Great guitar riffs that add to the forest/nature mystery. I'd even say it's haunting at first then moves onto some clean acoustic guitar melody. Plenty of screams, howls plus samples of wind, birds, and the use of the most non-Black Metal instrument of all time, a jews harp. The added drum rhythms bring forth a majestic Pagan Folk-like atmosphere. "Flame of Wisdom" slows things down to a crawl bringing on the feeling of pure misery. While "Howling of Purity" is a total opposite with an upbeat display of power. The final cut on here simply titled "Closing" starts off with a sample of what sounds like gas bubbling up in a swamp or bog? The eerie synth sounds return then slowly crawls onto this Stoner Rock bass passage. A great experimental way of ending this release.

There are so many things about this release that break it away from the now typical one man Black Metal band mold. And that's important since the lion's share of the one man outfits have no problem following the well traveled path first walked by Varg Vikernes years ago. Vorgrov has entered the forest at a place of his own choosing. Alot of thanks goes to this label since "Forestheart" is one important release which should not be left to just a few.

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