Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ANNIHILATION TIME - Tales of the Ancient Age CD review

ANNIHILATION TIME - Tales of the Ancient Age CD
Tee Pee Records

I heard that this band was just another entry into the latest Thrash Scene Revival. But then I saw what label had put this out I was like, "you've gotta be fucking kidding me." Look I like this whole Thrash Revival thing and I understand that almost every decent Metal label now has at least one Thrash band signed. But this is TEE PEE Records, a label known for putting out modern day lethargic Psych by such bands as BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE and the WARLOCKS. Oh well anything is possible in the music business. So after letting this play for a few cuts I'm here to say this is not Thrash. Actually it sounds like what preceded it by a few years, Hardcore.

Now don't get all out of whack. Someone says the word "Hardcore" then all these ideas come flying out of the pie holes of babes. If I didn't know that this was brand new then I would've thought it came out circa 1980-83 from a west coast band. Wow guess what? ANNIHILATION TIME are from Oakland, Calif. What some modern day revisionists forget to mention is that Hardcore bands, the good early ones, had influences of Punk, Metal and Hard Fuckin Rock in their sound. And this band channels that early sound on this release. So I think it's fucking great. Actually this might be a perfect shot in the arm to all these modern day Hardcore bands who just wanna be NEGATIVE APPROACH without shaving their heads. These guys also have that early Hardcore lyrical spirit of not living by rules, drinking, partying, and fucking. Once again this is good stuff.


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