Saturday, November 22, 2008

AVENGER OF BLOOD - Death Brigade CD review

Heavy Artillery Records

This is beautiful just fucking beautiful! When it comes to these new Thrash bands coming out of late it's not that you've heard it all before. Only jaded idiots who jack off to HARVEY MILK think that. Oh did I offend someone out there? Well good because you need to be offended to the point where you get your head out of your ass and join in on the fun. The best part of this new Thrash Revival is seeing who some of these bands are aping on their releases. Clearly this Las Vegas band worships at the alter of Slayer, Kreator and Sodom, toss in some MEGADEATH for melody and you have four aces to lay down at the table.

My first introduction to this band came from hearing them on the Heavy Artillery Records compilation CD Speed Kills Again in 2007. That comp also featured tracks by MERCILESS DEATH, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and WARBRINGER, all of whom I've kept a close eye on since first hearing them. AVENGER OF BLOOD are the epitome of devastating old style Thrash that drives old fuckers like me into thinking of jumping into a pit one more time. Which is something I don't do anymore. I leave the pummeling to the younger crowd nowadays. Although watching the youngsters try to slam dance can be more painful than being in one. If you know what I mean and I bet you do. So I now just stand in the back or off to the side. Let the music envelope me and pit in my brain. Which by the way is the most awesome pit you've ever been in or witnessed. We slam with running chainsaws.

Death Brigade is an all out retro Thrash fest which is an assault on everything that's in the band's sights. You will be won over immediately by the opening cut “Vicious Onslaught" and if not then you need to lick the floor of the hall after one of this band's gigs. "Poserslaughter" is a cut dedicated to those who can't handle it. Pump your fucking fist to the guitar solos on "Mortally Wounded" and tell me you can't hear echoes of King and Hanneman. You know that those guys along with everyone else from the original days of Thrash are smiling with pride when they hear this stuff. Especially with the song "Terminate" which I swear sounds close to having Tony Araya on guest vocals. Even the slightly low-fi production smacks of old school Thrash. It makes this dink sound like some long lost release from years ago. Like finding a rare vinyl LP from the 80s Thrash era hidden amidst alot crap at the local used record store.

I know that there are still alot of jaded losers who will say that if they wanted to hear old school Thrash then they will pull out the old records and play them. Yeah right as if they didn't sell them in order to buy some other crap. Well forget those losers because they are dead to everyone. But I know that there are plenty of old fucks like myself who go apeshit over hearing bands like AVENGER OF BLOOD. That's who this CD is for, old fucks like me and the new kids who are experiencing this for the first time.

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