Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BLACKWINDS - Flesh Inferno CD review

BLACKWINDS - Flesh Inferno CD
Regain Records

To quote their site, "Blackwinds is the utter celebration of the death of all beings, the quintessence of the destroyer". That's a bold statement from two corpse painted Swedes. But the fact is they do come through with a musical onslaught on all of your senses. The band is made up of Lord Kraath and Lord Mysteriis both of whom are or were in the band SETHERIAL. In fact back in 1999 Lord Mysteriis started BLACKWINDS only as a side project which released the 7"er The Black Wraiths Ascend. For a while nothing was heard from BLACKWINDS up until earlier this year with the release of the Origins CD. This contained the aforementioned 7"er plus some extra tracks. Which brings us to this latest CD here. And once again I say this because it does bare repeating, it's a musical onslaught.

Although if you are familiar with the hyper blackened speed which SETHERIAL were known for then you might be surprised by this. Flesh Inferno from the start is heavily in the ferociously melodic variety of Black Metal. There's a fair amount of keyboards used here to set a haunting atmosphere of eeriness. Nevertheless there's an abundance of harshness courtesy of blast-beating drums and tremolo picking guitar torture. Plus there's enough harsh shrieking to bring the authorities to your front door informing you that they got a report that there was an animal being tortured on your premises. "Not tonight officer I'm just reviewing the new BLACKWINDS CD. By the way the cover art was done by Erik Danielsson of WATAIN. I've just finished the reviews second paragraph and was about to replay it again. Wanna come in for a beer?"

Fans of early DARK FUNERAL and DIMMU BORGIR will probably get into this more than those who like their Blackness raw, stinking and putrid. Personally I like a little bit of everything. The riffs are memorable in their catchyness which is definitely a Swedish Black Metal signature trait. It's middle of the road type of aggression. One which I'm starting to see alot of newer Symphonic/Epic sounding U.S. bands take. Although the difference is that when BLACKWINDS deliver their blackened arrangements it sounds authentic. And that's the meaning behind the onslaught.

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