Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BONDED BY BLOOD - Feed the Beast CD review

BONDED BY BLOOD - Feed the Beast CD
Earache Records

When you name your band after the album title from one of the best 80's Thrash acts ever. You better be good, damm good. Name recognition is one thing that might get people interested. But if your chops are plain old homage or silly noodling around? You are fucking toast. Luckily for these kids they've given due respect to their forebearers by recording a debut worthy of their name. Feed The Beast is an aggressive piece of headbanging, slam pit inducing mania. Their music is more serious than silly like some of their peer's releases. Guitarist's Alex Lee and Juan Juarez show right from the opening cut till the end that twin shredding will be the sound of the day. These guys toss out leads that'll make their namesake proud. The drumming on here is more fit for slaughtering. Vocal-wise Jose Barrales does a great job sounding flat out sinister with his scream attack.

Obviously you're going to have some jaded pieces of shit who'll flat out call this retro Thrash EXODUS worshipping. But that will just show they just gave this one listen with their heads planted up their asses. BONDED BY BLOOD sound more like the EXODUS of today than of old. But then you can thank the crispy clean production on here for that. And in my not so humble opinion I think Feed the Beast is better than EXODUS's latest. Plus these guys are from California you know where Thrash was born dude! This is more like the apple not falling too far from the tree than ripping off from the past. Get your heads out of your asses you jaded fucks and check out songs like "Immortal Life", "Vengeance", "Self Immolation" and of course "The Evil Within". These are just a few of the kick in your fuckin face cuts on this release. The only complaint I have is their cover of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme which closes this dink. I guess I'm not a fun guy.


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