Saturday, November 22, 2008

GAMA BOMB - Citizen Brain CD review

GAMA BOMB - Citizen Brain CD
Earache Records

Well I knew that sooner or later one of these new Thrash revival bands was gonna ruin my good feeling about the genre's return to form. Like years ago during the heyday of Thrash you had your undisputed kings who took themselves and the music seriously. I'm talking about the West Coast bands and their European counterparts. And then you had those other bands who sounded good at first. But then after a while you realized that they were more suited for the poseur punk crowd. Case in point back in the 80s the cool people liked SLAYER and the punks liked ANTHRAX. I know it should be obvious but I hated ANTHRAX but I loved SOD, go figure. I'm not saying that GAMMA BOMB play ANTHRAX style crap. If they did then I would have a better use for this CD instead of reviewing it. Hmmm? Yeah like using it to slice the throat of the first pants dragging neanderthal I saw walking through my neighborhood. Unfortunately they avoid my neighborhood as much as I avoid there's. Coincidentally GAMA BOMB are Irish. I guess you have to have an intelligent sense of history to understand that one.

To the band's credit they are not EVILE, a band so pathetically silly that I wouldn't waste my time to review em. I'm too busy to shovel more shit onto that pile. But GAMA BOMB tend to take their fun aspects of Thrash close to the silly zone. At least MUNICIPAL WASTE sing about partying but when GAMMA BOMB does a song about the video game "Space Invaders" or clothing accessories "Bullet Belt", please. And then there's "Sentenced to Thrash" which is probably a big hit with the juggalo skin/wigger crowd. Now the zombie songs are cool. Who the fuck doesn't love zombies other than the people who are about to be eaten by one? And I'll give em their due with "Thrashaholic" and "Final Fight". Although in the end do I really wanna play this on a regular basis or pull out some of those better New Thrash bands?

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