Sunday, November 2, 2008

GRAVE - Dominion VIII CD review

GRAVE - Dominion VIII CD
Regain Records

I already reviewed the latest release from UNLEASHED and it was great of course. Would you think any different? So here we have fellow Swedes, GRAVE, who were contemporaries of UNLEASHED and ENTOMBED back in Sweden's early Death Metal days. And after just one listen to this I just want to go out and hurt people. And that's what you'll be thinking too unless you're deaf. After the sustained reverb, which opens this release, the first cut "A World of Darkness" kicks in. After a few seconds you'll be thinking that you've just been transported back in time to the early 90s. GRAVE have gone back to the basics of their past Death Metal glory. This is basic and brutal. Songs blast out of the starting gate then dive bomb into Doom grooves only to revert back to annihilation time. "Deathstorm" rains a fiery hellstorm down upon you. "Bloodpath" lashes out at you from whatever speaker system you have. Don't listen to it on your computer and try to type. It'll fuck you up. The same can be said about "Annihilated God" and "Sinners Lust". This is war going on here. GRAVE are not just coming out to show Death Metal fans, "Hey Remember Us We're Back"! This Swedish trio is possessed and they're here to hurt you.

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