Sunday, November 2, 2008

KORPIKLAANI - Korven Kuningas CD review

KORPIKLAANI - Korven Kuningas CD
Nuclear Blast Records

I became a fan of this Finnish Folk Metal band with their Tervaskanto release. It's because of liking that KORPIKLAANI CD so much that I dove head first into the whole Pagan/Folk Metal genre. And as much as I love alot of the bands that I've discovered. I'll always go back to the first band that turned me onto it. So here's their newest one Korven Kuningas, which translates into English as "King of the Woods". That would be the guy on the front cover most likely. Once again KORPIKLAANI continues the tradition of blasting out fun tunes about drinking and folklore. It's all good time music in the old Metal tradition. Yes that's right all of you young people out there. There once was a time long ago in the late 70s/early 80s when Metal was not all about Death, Doom and anti-social behavior. In those ancient days of yor people actually had a good time listening to Metal. It was our type of Headbanging Folk music and the traditional dress was long hair, jeans and leather, lots of leather plus spikes too. KORPIKLAANI brings back that fun aspect of Metal, without the spikes part of course. But they have been known to wear animal hides. Plus adding violin, flute and accordion also helps bring out a Pagan feeling from within.

Most of the songs are still sung in Finnish although there's a couple of songs sung in English. Personally when it comes to bands in the Pagan/Folk Metal genre, I'd rather hear the songs sung in their native language. I think it just adds to the listening experience and the authenticity. If you wanna sing along then learn the language. Long time fans, might notice that the band has gotten heavier in certain spots. But it's not like they're dropping the "hummpa" and playing full on melodic death metal. If you liked KORPIKLAANI before then you 'll like this too. And personally if you are unable to have fun listening to this. Well then you must be one grim miserable sonouvabitch. But I'll probably like ya anyways.

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