Sunday, November 2, 2008

KRISIUN - Southern Storm CD review

KRISIUN - Southern Storm CD
Century Media Records

The title seems a little deceptive since KRISIUN always sound more like a tsunami that crashes into a shoreline and wipes out a country. But since this long time Death Metal band is from Brazil I get the gist. Also I've been a fan of theirs since 1999's Conquerors Of Armageddon, therefore I'm never expecting them to deviate too far from their style much. That's what you have on this CD. Skull crushing riffs, blast beats that feel like tremors, Alex's vocals are consistently brutal and the solos will shatter windows if you play it loud enough. While reviewing this mine only rattled because it's early in the morning. People are still eating breakfast so I keep the stereo volume down.

With all that said KRISIUN still try to add an extra progressive touch to each new release without compromising their overall sound. Although you wouldn't know that from opener "Slaying Steel". It's that perfect opening cut for people who just drop a CD into their stereo, push play and then walk away. Only to run back after a few seconds because they forgot how high the volume control was on last night and it's fucking way too loud. Obviously I'm speaking for myself here but fuck it. I'll blast "Slaying Steel", "Minotaur", "Contradictions of Decay", hell I'll even play the SEPULTURA cover "Refuse/Resist" as loud as I want. Until that cuntrag who lives upstairs puts a fucking rug down on the floor to muffle her hoofed footsteps. I don't give a shit. I'll even dedicate "Whore of the Night" to her. Although I doubt she'll appreciate it. She believes 70's hair bands who did ballads were cool. So a good buttfuck while this new KRISIUN CD is blasting in the night wouldn't rock her world.

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