Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NOCTURNAL FEAR - Code of Violence CD review

NOCTURNAL FEAR - Code of Violence CD
Moribund Records

This has been a decent year for Thrash Metal considering all the naysayers out there who see it as a threat to their post non-metal crap. Whether it was old heroes coming back to kick more ass or the new school crowd out to have fun. Thrash is back and that's not a boast but a fact so deal with it losers. As far as Detroit's NOCTURNAL FEAR, they have been around since 2000 so I wouldn't drop them into the new school crowd. Secondly their brand of Thrash is based on the more European style. If you need a reference point then think SODOM or KREATOR. Also there's that bloody touch of Death Metal influence lingering on this release which pushes it more into the Extreme.

NOCTURNAL FEAR was once a four piece outfit but dropped their bass player and singer. They replaced them both with Necromodeus who handles the bass and vocals. Obviously the two other band members made the right choice. Necromodeus's anger accented vocals fit perfectly beside Slavehunter's guitar pyrotechnics. After listening to this for three days straight I've actually forgotten who else was decent this year in the genre. Yeah that's what is so perfect about Code of Violence. It only reminds you of them and the feeling you had the last time you punched some piece of garbage in the face. Some crybabies out in cyberspace have made known that Slavehunter is also a member of a band with extreme views. Whatever, I didn't hear anything on this release which could be considered non-extreme.


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