Saturday, November 22, 2008

STORMING DARKNESS - Sin Thesis CD review

Knightmare Recordings

Debut release from this Russian Black Metal band who are not afraid of some decent sound that's not weighted down in mud. This band takes their cues from early GORGORTH and DARKTHRONE for influence. So if you are looking for innovation you are in the wrong place. But together it all makes for a decent release worthy to stack up against other new bands of today. Personally I'll never get tired of bands who churn out powerfully cold riffs and spit venom for lyrics. Nine cuts of that convey an atmosphere of pure horror especially the non-stop blast beating drums. Although there are a few passages that let up for the weak ones amongst you to catch a breath.

The opener "V. and R./Supreme Murderer Moral" is a typical crushing number that sets things off. If you can survive this then you've got the goat's blood dripping from your sacrificial knife licked. This continues on through the next group of songs. Like walking down a long hallway with torture devices lining the walls. Each one adding more pain as you get through it's deadly assault on your senses. "Black Night of Soul/ Eschatological Hallucinations" and "Necrofaith Song / Voiceless Decadence" are two cuts which do give the listener a subtle break from this pain inducing madness. "Necrofaith Song / Voiceless Decadence" is a instrumental which embraces the listener in a cloak of dark themed abandonment.

STORMING DARKNESS have been around since 2001 and have released three demos, an EP and appeared on a split with fellow Russian Black Metallers Sigillum Diaboli in 2006. So what you have here is something cold and well crafted. I wouldn't be surprised if their next opus of suffering ends up on Moribund Cult or even a larger Label.

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