Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WALDHEIM - Fight Against Time CD review

WALDHEIM - Fight Against Time CD
Santo Grial Records

The debut full length from northern Spain's WALDHEIM combines traditional Melodic Death Metal with elements of the more Progressive nature. Nothing new under the sun to that degree. But it's the way all seven members of WALDHEM, yes I said seven, combine all the elements into one cohesive sound. Obviously they've been working hard for a long time in order to sound like veterans. The vocals, shared male and female, don't overpower one another. The guy growls and the woman has that operatic vocal that adds an almost Gothic quality. The two guitarists marry their riffs and leads together which keeps this from being boring like some of their better known peers of the genre. They also step out of the proverbial genre box by showing flair in some of the soloing. The keyboards weave a neo-classical tapestry through out, never dragging. Rhythm section just as powerful and adds a steady backdrop to everything else going on here. I'd say WALDHEIM will be fairly well known in this genre next year after a big label signs them up. They're as good as any other acts in this genre. And in some areas even better.


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