Saturday, November 22, 2008

WORSE THAN BIRTH - Three Song Fall 2008 Demo CD review

WORSE THAN BIRTH - Three Song Fall 2008 Demo CD
Self Released

If Metal were McDonaldized than WORSE THAN BIRTH would probably be on the dollar menu. Faux Death Metal meets Post Groove Metalcore and what's with the Progressive guitar interlude on the first cut "Weeping Cunt"? At first I thought the song was ending with a nice sweet melody just to show that they have feelings. Actually that's not true, I thought they stole something from OPETH and spliced it in. It sounds like total shit. What's worse is that they repeat the same formula in the second cut. Their guitarist is playing this Progressive lead throughout the opening while the bass, drums and vocals are fighting it out for brutality. It all breaks down halfway through as WORSE THAN BIRTH pretend to Grind their way out to the cuts end. Third cut, same thing again. It's like vomit on the bathroom floor after a night of heavy drinking and Chinese buffet. For as much talent this band has it's unfortunate that their songs are structured like an undone puzzle. And guess what? You too will have a chance to see this all play out at this years Death Fest on Dec. 6th at Volume 11 Tavern. That's if you're lucky to be in Raleigh, NC that day. Also if you're really lucky then this band will start chucking these dinks out into the audience like Chinese throwing stars. Have a few drinks first it deadens the pain.

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