Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BATTLELORE - The Last Alliance CD review

BATTLELORE - The Last Alliance CD
Napalm Records

First of all you've gotta love the cover artwork. It just screams "Epic" when you stare at it. As for the music I'm familiar with this Finnish band's brand of Battle Metal from hearing their previous release, Evernight. So now here's this new one which is their fifth overall. The same styles are in place as before. You've got the combination of male and female vocals sung over a background of Symphonic Metal with lyrics dealing in fantasy subjects. If you recognize this template and are tired of it. I say try it one more time especially when it comes to this release.

As far as the male vocals go Tomi Mykkanen does have a menacing growl when he's in the Death Metal voice mode. But it's the melodic singing from Kaisa Jouhki which gives the songs on here a mystic edge. Her vocals have that floating on air kind of feel which is needed for this type music. Also like on their last release there is a balance between the two vocal styles on the various cuts which is important. This is something that BATTLELORE exceeds in were as similar bands don't have that type of vocal chemistry.
Musically they still rely heavily on the keyboards for creating the orchestrations but the guitars are much more prominent this time around. Usually in this genre they're kept back in a supporting role. Once again BATTLELORE smashes the template.


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