Monday, December 1, 2008

DEMONIZER - Triumphator CD review

DEMONIZER - Triumphator CD
Folter Records

Once I saw song titles like "Alcoholic", "The Wolf Inside" and my favorite "Bestial
Ejaculation". I kinda figured that I would like this one. Here's the third release from this Belgium band and unfortunately it's my first time hearing DEMONIZER. So their back catalog is now on my future "must get" list of past releases. Triumphator is faster paced Scandinavian style Black Metal/Blackened Thrash that will murder your family if you played it for them. Not that I'm getting any ideas mind you. I love my family and for fifty bucks you can too. But let's get back to the issue at hand which is this release.

I'd say DEMONIZER lean more towards the Thrash side the room but it's the European variety and not U.S. Thrash. These Belgium's are not in it for good times or for everyone to have some fun. Speaking of no fun the band has two guest vocalists on here, Nornagest from ENTHRONED and Noctiz from PARAGON IMPURE. There's two guys who would rather spit on you than say hello. The bottom line is that there's nothing new here as far as Blackened Thrash goes. But that's not a concern for real fans of this genre, present company included. Innovation is a word not used in Black Metal circles with pentagrams inside them. Evil is, so lets just stick with that part of the devastation. This release is like mechanized death roaring at you at high speed. And once this Belgium murder machine gets close enough to you. It will shred the skin from your bones. Give it a chance and then when I see your skinless frame lurching down the street. I'll know you're a fan. As far as I'm concerned I've got thick skin. But DEMONIZER is peeling it away each time I play this.

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