Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ENDLESS BLIZZARD - Remember Your Death CD review

ENDLESS BLIZZARD - Remember Your Death CD
Blackmetal.com Records

It's gotten to the point that whenever I start to review a new U.S. Black Metal release. I'm surprised when it's NOT a one man project. Guess what? This is another one man project from Los Angeles of all places. Well the weather out there on the left coast might not be much help as far as inspiration. But everything from Las Vegas westward is pretty much in moral decline so the guy does have that. The biggest surprise here is the quality in the production as far as one man Black Metal projects go. This basically rides the fence between classically low-fi and clean sounding studio perfection. Musically it's your basic style of melodic depressive orchestration with enough tremolo guitar violence to rival a drill wielding mad dentist. The guitar playing is what sets this apart from the unholy flock of other U.S. one man Black Metal projects. Imagine the sound of a blender full of large roaches running on high. Yeah that crunching sound is what sticks out the most about this release. Plus main man Roskva rips into a few searing solos that will choke the weak. His vocals are devoid of any humanity which is always a plus. Another thing on here which stands out better than most one man projects is the drumming. Roskva handed that chore over to a session guy, L Sxuperion. Great idea since it's the drumming (aka: frantic blast beats) which push this material. Add that to the down tuned melodies and this comes off like a maelstrom. Most of the cuts are shorter than your normal fair with the exception of two lengthy numbers. These two cuts, "Cultivated by Darkness" and "Buried Still Breathing/Remember Your Death" are actually the best numbers on here.


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