Friday, December 12, 2008

FOLKODIA - Odes to the Past CD review

FOLKODIA - Odes to the Past CD
Stygian Crypt Productions

Here we have various members from FOLKEARTH getting together with some other Folk/Viking Metal artists and forming another international band. The music is very similar to FOLKEARTH obviously but more so in the Folk style. The Metal parts are not as strong still it's a great listen. There's plenty of organic instruments used on here like flutes, violins, whistles and pipe instruments. The vocals are shared by men and women so you'll get the melodic and the metallic rasps. I know some people who go apeshit whenever they hear a flute in a Metal song. They're still pissed at JETHRO TULL winning that Grammy award for best Metal album of the year over METALLICA. Hey people let it go! Besides who cares about Grammys when you've got decent Folk/Viking sounds encircling your world.

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