Friday, December 12, 2008

HORNA - Sanojesi Aarelle 2xCD review

HORNA - Sanojesi Aarelle 2xCD
Moribund Records

As far as Black Metal goes, this Finnish band is always consistent when it comes to putting out releases that are pure filth. They've been one of my favorites for awhile now and I've had the pleasure of turning many people on to them. Much to their descent into the abyss I might add. This double CD of blasphemy was a tough listen to say the least. Basically I say that because of the length and not the material. Listening to one disc of HORNA is enough to have black bile oozing out from unseen pours in my music room's walls but two discs! Well fuck it I needed to paint the damm room anyway. But seriously once you've absorbed one disc of nastiness then there's the second one to contend with. But let's look on the bright side of this blazing firebrand from Finland. Two discs of HORNA is enough to blacken your soul till Spring and maybe further then that. If I'm listening to this then I know Spring will not come for a while. And that's a good thing.

Also while one disc is an absolute maelstrom of violent Black Metal fury. The other is more in the vein of haunting your dreams or at least your neighbor's if you play it loud enough in the dead of night. It must be like some cold white hand coming out from under their bed. It yanks them out of their precious sleep and down through the floor boards they come. Into Hell they arrive but actually it's just a room I have to blast music in and work on the computer. Some people call it a home office. Others have named it the room of unspeakable horrific sounds. So happy for you to have dropped in. Would you like to worship at the altar of the Horned True One while I get you something to drink. Sorry I'm all out of beer and wine, how about some goat semen? Yes I am drunk but not from booze but from this release.

As always with HORNA, I can't understand a damm thing of what they're singing about since the lyrics and song titles are in Finnish. But I'll just take a guess and say it's of a nature that is evil. Yeah like that was hard to figure out, but in the booklet there are some English translations. Personally I just like to listen and make up my own ideas. Like the whole second disc is about people succumbing to a disease which makes their limbs immobile and they have to crawl on their bellies. Fortunately I'm immune to it so I just have to step over these human snails. Ah yeah maybe I should just learn Finnish instead. Speaking of which I blame all of my evil thoughts on the vocals of Corvus. The man has a raspy tone that haunts the easily scared but strengthens those who crave this stuff. Actually I think Sanojesi Aarelle is the best release they've ever done especially if I compare it to the other releases I have of theirs. And I've got most of them.

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