Friday, December 12, 2008

MGLA - Groza CD review

MGLA - Groza CD
Northern Heritage Records

Sounds like mid-period BURZUM being strained through Black & Roll at least part of the time. This is my first introduction to the Polish duo's material. Supposedly they are the biggest thing in the homeland's Black Metal scene since sliced bread, goat or when GORGOROTH played Krakow in 2004. I'll tell you this the production value on here is outstanding and they're only a fucking two piece? There are plenty of similar acts here in the U.S. that would kill or spend a day in church, in disguise of course, for this kind of production on their releases. Like I said it's heavy on the Black & Roll side of the aisle until the tempo changes and the blast beats crash the dance. But don't consider this "melodic" at your puny life's peril. You'll wide up with two corpse painted thugs with hatchets at your door some night. If there's a third guy then it's a label representative. Nuff said on that point. You think I'm kidding around? Just read some of the lyrics, these guys don't give a flying fuck about anything with the exception of clean sounding production. You need that in these modern times since low-fi Black Metal ain't cutting it in some people's eyes. By the way there's only four cuts on this dink (?) albeit they are lengthy numbers.

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