Friday, December 12, 2008

ORLOG - Elysion CD review

ORLOG - Elysion CD
Det Germanske Folket

Being the outstandingly honest person I am, yeah right I'm corrupt. I have to give credit where it is due. When it comes to Epic sounding Black Metal the newer U.S. bands can't hold a candle or a fake ceremonial dagger to their European counterparts. Case in point here, Germany's ORLOG on this their second full length have a sound that's cold and cruel. They sound frightening which is what Black Metal is all about. It's supposed to have that air of hostility which scares off the inclusive types. Listening to this reminds me of the time I first heard DARK FUNERAL, similar style and the same effect on your senses. Everything explodes all at once with a barrage of guitars, blastbeats and extremely harshly screamed vocals. I can imagine being at a club with ORLOG on stage. The club owners lock all the doors and these Germans just pound out this vile assault of sound. I'll be up front screaming "Yeah"! while I'm sure there will be those trying to escape. But there is no escape you pathetic fools. And afterwards the staff will be scraping your remains from the walls.

Elysion is an explosive release which will simply take hold of your world and shake it literally apart courtesy of the dynamic musicianship and compositions. The opening cut "Sturm" (storm) sets you up for an experience of listening that will have you forget whatever "mainstream" garbage you've been exposed to of late. Trust me when it comes to garbage music I need expunging on a daily basis. "Im Schattenrausch" (in shadow ecstasy) starts out like a slithering beast but soon rises up to consume you. "Das Licht der toten Welt" (the light of the dead world) also starts out at a slower pace only to kick into high gear tearing your legs out from under you. This is what I want from a Epic sounding Black Metal band. Just line up the buckets of vile and let the worthy ones partake in the drinking. Three songs in and I was hooked even though this dink has four more cuts of cruelty. The title track ends this session of torment. No filler crap either since ORLOG save the best for last. The song simply bludgeons you like a gang initiation with everything you've heard previously on this dink.

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