Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SVARTTHRON - Bearer of the Crimson Flame CD review

SVARTTHRON - Bearer of the Crimson Flame CD
Inferna Profundus / Nocturnal Woodlands Records

This release by Lithuania Black Metal duo SVARTTHRON is the type of sound for late night listening. The music has a somber atmospheric tone. The songs range from slow moody pieces to mid-paced numbers. Plus the vocals are more like low rasps from a depressed sort. The slower numbers almost touch on Doom territory which after 2 AM sounds great. There's nothing like a huge blast of hate in the early morning hours even if it has some "epic" tones. This is over 42 minutes of depressing Black Metal. Anything less would never be as agonizing or painful to bear. For me whenever I'm listening to depressive sounding Black Metal. The idea of yanking an electrical cord free from an appliance, rigging it up to the ceiling fan and off-ing myself never comes to mind. But I do consider the notion that there are others not as strong willed as I. So as much as the band wants me to suffer from their musical version of dramatic hell. I'm just smiling my way through the whole listen experience. I can do that because somewhere there's an individual who is drowning from these seven cuts. My advice to them is to inhale deeply. A blissful slumber will take over and you'll be forgotten. This is recommended for anyone who has a friend into Emo. And as we all know, a friend who's into Emo is not a friend you want to have. Better to hasten their demise.


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