Monday, December 1, 2008

SYLOSIS - Conclusion of an Age CD review

SYLOSIS - Conclusion of an Age CD
Nuclear Blast Records

At first I thought I was in for some inventive English Thrash but then the Metalcore breakdowns kicked in. Some more surprises consisted of melodic clean vocal passages in the harsh vocals. Toss in some AT THE GATES worshipping and you know a few Progressive guitar introductions. No this is not up my alley but on a short pier yeah. Right now there's about a hundred or more US bands doing the same thing. I don't care if they're from England or the leads are taken from (name your favorite Swedish Death Metal guitarist here). I was expecting something in the vein of Thrash and got you know what. Where I used to work at we had this generic satellite radio system. The station titled "metal" would play all of this mainstream crap on it. I couldn't bare listening to it. I would tell the bartenders to turn it on to a classic rock (aka: CROCK) station or anything else but that mainstream metal (Metalcore) crap. Friends of mine who love their Metal would come in and hear Elton John or Dylan playing in the place. They would ask how could I stand to listen to that stuff? I would explain to them that the metal station we had was worse. Of course they didn't believe me at first and wanted to hear for themselves. Five minutes into it they'd come running up to me begging for me to change the station. I'll bet you that this debut CD by SYLOSIS, who are not Thrash, is being played on that station right fuckin now.

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