Tuesday, December 2, 2008

TORTURE SQUAD - Hellbound CD review

Wacken Records

This band might be from Brazil but their take on Thrash was ripped from European roots. Oh yeah and I like it especially the slight Death Metal touches musically and vocally. Finally I'm hearing some decent new Thrash that's not U.S. born, bred and fed copious amounts of EXODUS & SLAYER. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it's good to hear a band from somewhere else do it. Britain would be the exception to that statement. I'm not saying throw every U.S. Thrash release away, grab your bullet belt and hop on a plane to Brazil. Hellbound is not perfect but it sure as Hell is good. The whole thing has that mid-eighties sound quality going for it as far as the production. Good Thrash riffs accented with some decent solos. The drums actually sound like they're being played by a human and not a computer. Then of course there's the vocals which had me hooked from the moment this guy started. I like how he mixes Death Metal growls into all of it.

Has some genre creating fool came up with the term Death Thrash yet? Obviously it had to have been done even though I wouldn't use the term. Personally I'd just call TORTURE SQUAD a great Thrash band. But you know the Metal vehicle has also been described as a clown car so anything is possible. Yes I know that was a mean spirited thing to say but you know that I am evil. Honestly you can't swing a studded guitar strap at the Wacken Fest without hitting some schmuck who wants to be the first to coin a Metal genre phrase. Well I'll call this ten great tracks of decent sounding Thrash.


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