Thursday, July 6, 2017

ICONOCLASM - Iconoclasm EP review

ICONOCLASM - Iconoclasm EP

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

So when a band gives a big Fuck You to "pretty much the entire modern hardcore scene", which I found written on their Bandcamp site, I take notice. I don't know if this Texas hardcore trio still feels the same way but there's always hope. Here we have a four song EP which is this band's debut for Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Although ICONOCLASM have been around since 2011, have a bunch of releases including a full length from 2015 as well as a bunch of small format releases. 

The four songs on here were culled from two past releases, their Out for Blood EP from last year and the a fore mentioned full length. Musically this band does lean more towards thrash or speed metal than classic 80's era hardcore. Still there's a hint of DRI in their sound especially on "Executive Compensation". I had to laugh when I first got this because of the nostalgia aspect. Years ago when Scumfeast was still a print zine I'd get 7"ers in the mail by bands. The thing would be in a cheap paper sleeve with a slip of notebook paper from the band telling me who they were and if I didn't like their 7"er then I suck. OK I like this.

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