Wednesday, July 5, 2017

IMPETUOUS RITUAL - Blight upon Martyred Sentience review

IMPETUOUS RITUAL - Blight upon Martyred Sentience

Profound Lore Records

This is PORTAL without the masks and let me be clear, after they (PORTAL) released Outre in 2007 the whole blackened noise mystique subsided. Sure people wanna say that IMPETUOUS RITUAL are/were not a extension of PORTAL. Just listen to the music ya fucking mary. Speaking of which, ten years later it's pushing the whole blackened death/noise/drone shtick to the hilt. But as a shit-worker for Profound Lore once told me years ago, "Hey I hate hipsters too but they buy our fucking records and we're making a killing off them."

Yeah well I can't argue with sound business logic and back then I was really hating on hipsters. Nowadays hey, they buy up all the vinyl and keep the good people at labels in business. Now in no way would I call IMPETUOUS RITUAL or PORTAL a bunch of hipsters even though their music is simplistic and worse than drone. I mean they are from Australia. Plus to be a hipster in Australia you would have to be a unemployed office nerd girly man wearing a MEN AT WORK t-shirt, ya know to be ironic. Then you take the fucker out to the Great Barrier Reef and feed em to the sharks.

But anyways IMPETUOUS RITUAL, brother of PORTAL, have not changed much since I first heard their 2009 debut, Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence. Now don't get me wrong, if you're stuck in a musical rut then hey just go for it. Once again this is blackened death, drone, noise, with a heavy emphasis on the latter. Basically they've taken what some USBM acts and Finnish BM bands have done previously, added the chaotic noise factor in and hey you've got (according to their promo) " [the] abhorrent album of the year (in all of metal). Look if you think this is dangerous then try growing a pair of balls, ya marys.

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