Saturday, July 1, 2017

INDEMNITY - Bloody Minded Bullet Headed review

INDEMNITY - Bloody Minded Bullet Headed 

Art Gates Records

Do people slam dance anymore? I mean really slam dance. I'm not talking about that pussy ass push and shove bullshit or that punching the ground shit. I'm talking about a real circle pit. I don't go to hardcore shows anymore for obvious reasons. People would look at me and think I was someone's grandfather. But I will be at DRI in August. Anyways I ask the question because if this band was around in say 87 or 88 then there would be a huge pit.

INDEMNITY hail from Belgium, have been around for a dozen years and this is their debut full length although they do have a few demos to their credit. Musically this is hardcore at it's base, late 80's era since their secondary stake is metal specifically thrash. Then again they do float in some metal core influence, ala old New York Hardcore, on a few cuts. 

I know it's not cool to say but it is the truth. Hardcore has become so one dimensional so generic it's boring. It wasn't always that way. Yeah I know "oh it was so cool back in the old days." Well yeah it was because you could listen to ten hardcore acts and all would/could be different. But hardcore died in 86, yes it did at least the original momentum. What followed afterward is up to interpretation as well as opinion. As long as you remember unless you were there then your opinion is limited. INDEMNITY, on here, offer twelve tracks in around twenty minutes of loud aggro extremism. They have all the bells and whistles of typical hardcore fan subjects. If you're into it then there you go. Nuff Said.

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