Thursday, July 6, 2017

LOATHFINDER - The Great Tired Ones review

LOATHFINDER - The Great Tired Ones

Godz ov War Productions

In my not so humble opinion if you're gonna attack people's senses with blackened death doom than ya better have some melody to capture a listener's attention. Just pushing a wall of horrific noise with added cavernous vocals might've sounded interesting a decade ago but today it's boring. If you've read a previous review by me this month of such a band from Australia then you know where I'm coming from. But on this band's debut EP it's a whole different matter.

Poland's LOATHFINDER know how to do blackened death doom right. This may just be a four song EP but it could also be a musical instruction guide. You start with that sick low grinding guitar tone that you think emanates from the bowels of a blackened pit. The riffs must me monstrous and repetitive like the cadence of marching beasts. Add in the vocals which vary from cavernous beast emanations to shrieks of agony. Next you toss in some hideous solos which are kinda like shining a light in the darkness upon something so repulsive you regret seeing it. Also having a song titled “Feast On My Entrails” is a nice touch.

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