Saturday, July 1, 2017

PAGAN HELLFIRE - Distant Winds Return review

PAGAN HELLFIRE - Distant Winds Return

Nykta Records

Multi-instrumentalist Incarnatus of Nova Scotia has been creating black metal since the late nineties under the name PAGAN HELLFIRE. In all of that time the artist has made a fairly large cache of full lengths, short form releases as well as compilations. The last full length, On the Path to Triumph, came out in 2013. Since then Incarnatus has been in a creative pause as it were, only releasing an EP Unmarked Fields Near Unknown Forests last year. Then again if you factor in that the guy has consistently put something out on a regular basis for seventeen years you could accept the fact that he needed a break.

Be that as it may here we have a seventy minute compilation of old and rare PAGAN HELLFIRE tracks that were previously EP only cuts, stuff off of other compilations, along with bonus album tracks plus one previously unreleased track. Musically this is razor sharp and raw sounding second wave style BM with a definite Norwegian flair. Think what if Varg kept paving the path of his early material style before moving onto Filosofem.

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