Saturday, July 1, 2017

SATAN WORSHIP - I'm the Devil review

SATAN WORSHIP - I'm the Devil

Iron Shield Records

OK your band name is SATAN WORSHIP and your album is titled I'm the Devil. Do I really need to say more? Alright I guess I'll have to. Here we have a band which is a joint German/Brazilian project by Marc Reign (the latest drummer of MORGOTH from Germany) and two guys from the Brazilian band SODOMIZER (bassist/vocalist Leatherface and guitarist Max The Nekromancer.)

Musically this is basically blackened punk/thrash with ten cuts spanning thirty five minutes of satanic fueled hate, speed and metal. On the surface I just wanna say OK we get it, you like VENOM and HELLHAMMER and move on. But after a bunch of listens I can say that there's a lot of coolness about I'm the Devil.

For starters the sound on here is lo fi as if it could've come out some thirty years ago. I love the feel of the soloing, a total throwback to the past. Leatherface's vocals are also gruff, low in the mix and demonic sounding. The riffs are cool as fuck, simple yet have that punk feeling to em. Hey if ya wanna sound like a sick old wannabe VENOM band then I'll give ya a fuckin HAIL!

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