Saturday, July 1, 2017

VIGILANCE - Hammer of Satan's Vengeance review

VIGILANCE - Hammer of Satan's Vengeance

Dying Victims Productions

Meanwhile in Slovenia we have this four piece act who are dubbed the new wave of blackened heavy metal. I know a guy in Canada who's head will spin when he reads that. So anyways VIGILANCE do mix traditional NWOBHM sounds with a mild touch of black metal aesthetics. The band has been kickin it for a decade now. Hammer of Satan's Vengeance is their third full length over that time. 

There's some good and bad going on here. When their singer attempts a heavy metal scream, while having a gruff singing voice normally, it's criminal. "As the Fires Burn" is a perfect example of this failure. Dude you're not Halford or King Diamond. On the plus side, musically this is pretty cool. They do have a certain early MAIDEN flair on a few cuts. Maybe if they dropped the blackened seasoning and stuck with tradition it would all be better.

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