Thursday, October 5, 2017

OBITUS – Slaves Of The Vast Machine review

OBITUS – Slaves Of The Vast Machine

Hypnotic Dirge Records

So who's up for a forty five minute one song black metal album? Oh you the hipster dude in the back of the room with the beard and glasses? OK but before I get into this album there's more to the story. First off OBITUS are a two piece act from Sweden. The band consists of Anders Ahlback who performs all the instruments and Johan Huldtgren who does vocals. This is my first time hearing them which is not a negative on either of our parts. But anyways the band has been around since 2000 but their releases have been few and far between. This is their second full length and it's an adventurous one.

Slaves Of The Vast Machine is definitely a grandiose undertaking by OBITUS and that's just by viewing their previous output which really doesn't show a progression to this point in their career. I mean after listening to this a few times, which has taken up plenty of my time this week, I come away with thinking "What if MARDUK did a one song album?" When this band is in total brutal mode, add to that chaotic as well, they do remind me of their fellow blackened countrymen which I do like. 

Now of course there are tempo changes within the forty five minute time that give the listener a quick break. I look upon those moments as bastions of rhythmic dirge, kinda like BERGRAVEN. But frankly I like when the assault carries onward and the harsh vocals are sung in a way that consumes you. Slaves of the Vast Machine is a black metal opus and probably the epitome of greatness when it comes to Swedish black metal in 2017.

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